helps from experts

professional site transfer

Skip the hassle of moving your website and let us manage the entire transition. Our certified engineers will move your site the right way, so you won’t have to worry about downtime. We’ll get your site up and running just like it was before your move, quickly and easily.

complete migration

We transfer up to 10 emails account per site. Additional email will be charged at $10/email. For each site migration, we will transfer all associated files and databases, from one of your old hosting accounts to new hosting.

expedited service

We prioritize your website migration so all files are relocated to your new account quickly. For complex website, we aim to migrate most websites within 2 working days, but it’s usually much quicker.
  • Includes 1 website and 10 emails

  • $50 per additional website

  • $10 per additional email account

  • Includes cPanel to cPanel migration

What is website migration service?

This service is to seamlessly migrate your site(s) from your current provider to our systems. We understand that it can be a hassle to move your sites over to us so we want to make it as easy as possible.

All website migrations are handled by our experienced standalone team, who dedicate 100% of their time to delivering a smooth website migration. We are experienced in moving all types of sites, from small WordPress websites to complicated IaaS (multiple dedicated server) setups.

What information is required for the migration?

All we need is the login details (control panel link, username and password) to your old host, and the domain name(s) you’d like to migrate. We will do the rest. If we have any questions we will correspond with you.

Confidential Information?

A confidentiality agreement is built into our contract with you. You are assured all information such as credentials, client lists, content, media, files, email address and all information about your personal and/or business interests will be held in the strictest confidence and protected by contract law. We will not touch any existing content or files on your existing server with the exception of having to clear any caches. Any changes we have to make will be done on our side, or with your permission.

Any downtime?

Our team of migration specialists are able to handle your migration with no downtime. During the migration process your content is present on both the old and new servers, meaning you completely avoid any disruption.

In some cases (for example where you have an e-commerce website) we understand data integrity is vital. We will discuss various options with you here – such as putting the website into maintenance mode, or remotely connecting to the database.

Migrating from other hosting environment?

Our migration service can migrate your website from any other web hosting providers hosting package (other than cPanel) with additional charges of $100 per site, and $10 per email.

Which site we can't migrate?

Sites we cannot migrate over are mainly from “closed source” website builder software, this includes: Wix, BaseKit, Jimdo, Website Tonight, Four Square and Mr Site

fix your website

Get help from us if your website has been hacked or blacklisted. Our security team has cleaned and protected over 229,000 websites since 2006.


If your site is infected

Thousands of websites get blacklisted daily by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others because hackers have injected malware on their website. As a result, you will lost revenue, visitors and reputation, and high chance that you are infecting your customers. You’re worried about the cost and time it’s going to take to clean this up. Time is of the essence, and you need help from people you can count on.

Our experts are able to quickly diagnose and fix issues that arise, protecting your online presence and reputation.

Service Detail

Our security team does for your website what anti-virus software and clean-up tools do for your PC. The difference is that malware on your website can affect lots more people and computers than a virus on a single PC. Yet PC anti-virus programs are almost taken for granted, and website security and malware removal is unfortunately often deferred until there is a problem. We have developed an effective system that allows us to thoroughly analyze your site for malware. The cleanup is conducted remotely using FTP (preferably SFTP), although HTTP and SSH protocols are used if available. Our goal is to remove malware from your website ‐ and keep it clean.

  • Blackhat SEO Spam
  • Backdoors
  • Malicious Redirect
  • Pharma Hacks
  • Redirect Mobile Targeting
  • Any CMS Hack
  • Phishing Lures
  • XSS Infection
  • Malicious iFrame
  • Hijacked Websites
  • JavaScript Injections
  • Drive-by-Download
  • Email Spam Abuse
  • Infected Database
  • SQL Injection
  • Embedded Trojans
  • Security Scan

  • Malware Removal

  • 1 Year Protection

  • Guaranteed Result

How I know my website is infected?

Some indicators of a possible compromise include:

  • Google, Yahoo, Bing have Blacklisted your website
  • Clients are complaining that your website is being flagged by their AntiVirus
  • Your host has disabled your website because of a Security issue
  • Google / Bing search is showing Viagra, Levitra or other Pharmaceutical ads in the search results
  • You are plagued with reinfections
  • You see “This site is Hacked” or “This site may be compromised” on Google search
  • People are complaining that your website is redirecting on their mobile devices, notebooks, desktops
  • Something just feels off — you’re seeing weird activity, things are popping up or just want a second pair of eyes
What we don't do?

Our security team will not:

  1. Attempt manual reprogramming of file code to correct errors.
  2. Make any modifications to compromised databases.
  3. Make any representation or guarantee indicating that the Services will detect and remove 100% of any malware present.
  4. Make any representation or guarantee that the Services will prevent any future compromise of the account.
Does this service prevent future malware?

Please take note that malware removal is not malware prevention. While we take great pride in our ability to remove malware and non-malware from any website, it’s important to understand that Malware Removal is not Malware Prevention or Hack Protection. Malware removal is a reactive process, it’s employed to fix a problem, not stop it. The malware removal will remove the infection to include backdoors, but it doesn’t fix the access vector exploited. Access vectors today can be categorized in two buckets: Exploitation of Access Control or Software Vulnerabilities. To protect and prevent your website from hackers, you can add ActivGard, the enterprise-grade website firewall to keep it protected.