about ActivLogix

Founded in 2006, ActivLogix is operated by a pool of IT professionals who were assigned with different responsibilities. There are group leaders and managers to monitor each team members on the quality of the product, the quality of their contributions to the team effort as well as the quality of the completion of their individually assigned tasks.


From the Heart of
Hong Kong

Prefect Blend of Design and Technology

Int’l Commerce Center, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Chicago (USA), Amsterdam (NL), Hong Kong, Singapore

Unique Multi-Level System

ActivLogix takes dedicated technical assistance to the next level of professionalism by adopting a proactive approach, going beyond the typical reactive support mentality of other web hosting providers. That means multi-level technical support team structure for maximum performance, in-house systems architecture designed especially to fit the needs of our clients, proactive management, regular employee evaluations and training sessions to discover new ways to improve and leverage the technical support team performance.

Expert Staff

ActivLogix Technical Support Team is made up of dedicated certified and seasoned IT experts with industry specific experience. They are highly specialized to capitalize performance, efficiency and speed to create the optimal web hosting technical support environment to best suit the needs of our clients. Blending shared-hosting platform-specific knowledge and the ability to leverage the industry’s best practices, our technical support team members maintain top performance, careful in-depth planning of regular hands-on technical training sessions, managing various in-house hardware and software optimization projects.

our team

The people who make our mixed crowd work so well together.


Operations, Developers, Support

Our team of web experts, designers and developers may be small but we are supporting supports millions of visitors to our customers’ sites each and every day, with custom tools and processes that make our lives easier and our quality unmatched.


Security, Malware, Firewall

Meet Tim, our team leader for online security. Tim’s job is never ending as hackers are always thinking of new ways to infect websites. For past years, Tim and his team developed a variety of different technologies to positively identify and remove only malicious code.


Performance, Speed, Realiability

Dr. Smith has over 20 years working in the web industry and he is our lead engineer in optimizing server performance. He invented an unique system called ActivBlaze® that make each website on the Activlogix’s server run over a hundred times faster.